A van wrap will change the way people look at your van. They will no longer see a solid colour on the outside of your van but rather an attractive visual design promoting your brand. You can choose between cut vinyl designs, partial wraps, or full wraps for your van. Each one has its unique benefits in terms of affordability and effectiveness.

However, a van wrap is the most effective because it turns your entire van into a mobile billboard for your business. There are no ongoing fees or financial commitments to worry about either. With an average expected lifespan of 4 years your wrap will more than pay for itself in terms of brand awareness and advertising.

If the time ever comes when you want to remove or replace the wrap, you can do so easily. Contact Hype Signs and request a van wrap removal service. We can safely remove the wrap from your van leaving your vehicle ready to rewrap or sell on. In fact, the paint stays protected from the wrap the entire time it is on your vehicle. And when you have the wrap removed, your original paint work should look as good as the day it was wrapped.

Please note that your original paintwork has to be in good condition before the wrap is initially applied. Wrapping over damaged paintwork will decrease the vinyls ability to adhere and shorten the lifespan of the wrap. Damage in the paint will also show through the wrap. If in doubt please ask us to assess your vehicle, we are happy to help.

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