Hype Signs – Vehicle Graphics Specialist in Luton Helps Local Company Update Their Logo

Company logos and brand advertising can become the equivalent of an old and much loved pair of shoes; they’re comfortable and you’ve got used to them – so why change? Just as fashions change for footwear over the years, so the fonts and colours which originally struck the eye as bright and vibrant when your logo was created can become jaded, or fall out of fashion – just think of that orange and brown wallpaper everyone loved in the 1970s! As a vehicle graphics specialist in Luton, we like to think that we have a keen eye for logos that work; we also have graphics design specialists on our team who can help local companies with updating their logo – or even creating a brand-new design!

Vehicle Graphics Specialist in Luton

A Refreshed Logo for a Local Building Company

White and Fensome Builders Ltd is a respected and well-established local company who offer a broad range of services including plumbing, electrics, new builds and loft extensions. They were aware of Hype Signs as vehicle graphics specialists in Luton, and they shared with us their concern that their logo was looking rather tired, having been created a few years ago now, and they wanted a fresh and eye-catching update. The original logo consisted of the company name in a simple font; we suggested that they abbreviate it to W&F, and we offered them several graphic design options using different colour combinations and font styles.

Hype Signs are known for their van branding in Luton, and we understand that logos designed for this purpose don’t ‘come to life’ until they’re placed in context. In order to help Steve from White and Fensome to make a decision about his updated logo, we provided him with a range of van graphic examples on a number of our work vehicles. He was drawn to a design showing the company initials in white, on a red background, using a simple font style contained in a simple rectangle. This logo draws the eye, stays in the mind, and has a bright, clean contemporary feel.

Vehicle Graphics Specialist in Luton Test Drives the New Logo

Once the new logo was selected, Steve was eager to try it out on his customers; he gave us his new Vauxhall Vivaro to sign write and we worked with the shape and contours of the vehicle to ensure the best positioning for both the logo and the company advertising. Feedback from the first few weeks of testing out the branding update has been extremely positive; Steve is delighted that the simple process of working with Hype Signs to re-image the logo has got people noticing his advertising once more and – most important – it’s got people talking, which is what advertising and branding is all about.

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