Van wrap creation is a sophisticated but straightforward four-step process. It takes a certain level of skill to achieve a high-quality outcome. That is why it is essential to hire an experienced van wrap design team with an extensive portfolio of work to show off.

Here are the four steps of the van wrap process below:

1) Consultation

The first step is for the client to consult with our design team. Since we create bespoke van wraps, we want to incorporate our client’s ideas into the design to meet their brand requirements. Our design team will also make suggestions and recommendations based on our professional creative experience.

2) Design

We will then begin working on designing the van wrap signage and imagery. A digital design of the signage will be created on the computer for speed and efficiency. It also makes it easier to keep the client informed on the progress of the design so they can see it. A final proof will be supplied to you for approval before moving to stage 3.

3) Print

If the final design meets the client’s approval, it is printed onto vinyl wrap material for their van. We make sure the vinyl material is cut appropriately enough to accommodate the dimensions and contours of the van.

4) Installation

The final step is the installation of the vinyl wrap material onto the exterior of the van. Since the measurements of the cut will be exact, you should see a perfect fitting of the vinyl on your van. The signage will appear perfect without getting cut off or trimmed out of frame.