Hype Signs offer a free basic layout service to all of our customers but that doesnt mean you wont want to have some input into your business signs or vehicle graphics!

We’ve put together a short list of great sign design tips to keep in ind when planning your new sign project, remember we are only a phone call away for advise or to book a free site survey.



Colour schemes will usually be down to your existing branding/logos but if its a one off promotion or you dont have a a solid brand identity yet then colours will need some thought. Bright colours natuarally attract more attention but keep in mind the purpose of your sign when choosing colours, is it their to attract passing trade or to set the tone of your business? Temporary signs for half price pizza probably want to shout the message to hungry passers by but a prestigeous business sign for a solicitors will be more about setting out an image to visiting customers!

It is also worth giving some thought to the environment in which the sign will be displayed, although you may want to attract attention you will want your sign to fit in with your surroundings, upsetting the neighbours might be bad for business.

If your starting from scratch with no set colour pallette then check out the link below for great ideas for complimentary colours that will work with, not against each other, still not sure? get in touch and speak to our design team who will be happy to help.

Paletton.com is a great resource for choosing complimentary colour schemes check it out: http://paletton.com/#uid=30I0u0kA7zmkHFhqpBbBGpOG9ke 



Size is pretty self explanatory but a few things should be considered.

It is important to consider carefully the distance from which your customers  or visitors will need to see the sign from.  From example if you require a shop sign and your building is set back from the main road by a hundred yards you will want to try to maximise the size of your signs as much as possible to ensure that your potential customers can a: see the sign and b: read the information that maybe included.

This area can get quite complex when you introduce variables such as speed of passers by (pedestrian or vehicular), angle of view and amount of content but for the purposes of visualising an approx size, common sense must prevail.  Standing at the location you believe most of your customers will view from and use this to guide your thoughts on size.

Another great way to visualise your sign in a meaniful way is to book a free survey, once we have discussed your needs face to face we will take a picture of the proposed sign location, once your layout and content has been agreed we can then superimpose a mock up of the sign in position giving you a real feel for how the message will come across to your actual customers.  To book your free survey Click Here.


Content and spacing is one of the most commonly over looked aspects in sign design.  Your sign will want to provide information in the form of content while retaining enough space to allow the sign to breathe.  Even in todays sophisticated world we are still seeing signs that are crammed from top to bottom and side to side with never ending text trying to get across as much information as possible!

The reality is that the more overcrowded your sign becomes the less likley it is that your real message will get across.  People are so busy today that they are unlikley to have time to stop and read a sign in a considered manner, so what do we need to do?  The answer is simple “SAY LESS”!

Try to focus your content on the most important messages only, leave out anything that doesnt need to be their.  Once you have your shortlist of information think about how this could be spaced on you sign to allow it to stand out, cramming content especially text into tight areas of a sign is a no no!

Allow your message to stand out in its own space, allow it to breathe and your customers will be getting the message without even knowing it.



Finally a word on font selection.  Font selection is a big subject, too big to cover in its entirety here.  With that said their are a couple of things we recommend thinking about when choosing fonts.

In addition to providing info text has the ability to add or detract from a design, we happen to think its as important as colour schemes and images.  If you have a logo and have already chosen a typeface for use in branding material then assuming your chosen fonts work well for the sign type and location your good to go.  If your sign is an adhoc prmotion or you dont have any solid branding yet it is important to choose fonts that are both physically readable at the distances required and representative of who you are an organisation.  Their are many font sites available now that provide the facility to search for fonts based on style that finding inspiration shouldn’t be a problem, try http://www.dafont.com or http://www.fontsquirrel.com.  Remember to pick fonts that suit your style, not your personal style, your business style! this sounds obvious but is actually really hard to avoid, you see a cool looking font and decide that you just have to have it, thats great but ask yourself does it suit your brand?

One final trick to keep your signage looking interesting is font pairing, you can see a short blog on this subject here.  In essence font pairing is the art of mixing 2 or more fonts together to create a contrasting effect.  It is very important to pick carefully ensuring that the fonts complement each other rather than clash but it can really bring a sign or vehicle graphic to life.  Try heavyweight fonts with lighter versions or sans serif with a serif!