Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs are a great solution for those wishing to use their vehicles for personal and business use, check out our tips for using and keeping your signs in good condition:

Our Magnetic Signs are made from the hightest quality vehicle grade magnetic material but their are some things to consider if you want to get the maximum life out of your signs.

  1. Just before you apply your magnetic signs to your vehicle, ensure the area you want to apply your magnetic sign to is clean as well as free from dirt and grit (dust & grit may minimize magnetic grab).
  2. Clean the area of the car you wish to fit your signs to.  We do not advise attaching magnetic signs to brand-new or freshly redecorated paintwork that is less than 3 months old. Ensure new paint is solid before using your magnetic signs.
  3. Carefully wipe the back of the magnetic sign with a soft, lint free cloth just before you apply to your clean & dry vehicle panel.
  4. To attain FULL magnetic grab, connect your magnetic ONLY to a flat surface, NEVER try to affix over ridges, recesses, trim, badges or door/panel spaces.
    The sign must be in total contact with vehicle & not hang over panels, this may leave areas that will potentially capture wind at higher speed causing the magnetic sign to become detached.
  5. To apply the magnetic sign to your vehicle, place one edge down first and check position, as soon as your happy you have the sign in the appropriate position allow the remainder of the sign to GRAB the surface, smooth over any bubbles or creases until the sign is effectively applied. If you are not pleased with the position of the sign, remove and re-attach, NEVER drag the sign into or out of position, this may cause the sheet to stretch.
  6. It is suggested you take off magnetic signs at the end of every day, to stop dampness or ice forming in between the sign and vehicle panel.
  7. Remove the magnetic sign with care to prevent bending or creasing, bending or creasing could harm the sign & lessen the magnetic grab. NEVER use a damaged sign. Ideally your magnetic signs should be kept laid flat on a steel surface to avoid any debris collecting on magnetic face.
  8. At least every 2 days remove signs, clean with a light soapy solution, completely dry and reapply, in high heat this should be done every day. NEVER clean signs or graphics with solvent based cleaners – doing so will harm the magnetic, vinyl covering & graphics.
  9. ALWAYS drive within the national speed limitation.
  10. Remove magnetic signs from your vehicle during extreme weather such as HIGH WINDS & STORM CONDITIONS.
  11. Apply signs ONLY to steel bodied vehicles, DO NOT use magnetic signs on corrosion, crash damaged body panels or panels including plastic body filler, as this will considerably lessen the magnetic grab.