Innovative Vehicle Livery in Luton

It gets harder and harder to get your advertising message noticed – billboards become a blur, TV ad breaks provide an opportunity to put on the kettle, and many internet adverts just don’t register. The art of great advertising is about providing something new, something surprising; something that shouts for attention amongst the blur of the unexceptional – and that’s why our vehicle livery in Luton are fast becoming a popular trend for local businesses.

The car sign makes use of your car, van, lorry or bus to create a moving billboard with eye-catching graphics which will get your brand noticed. Whether your potential customers are sitting in traffic, waiting at a bus-stop, crossing the road or just watching the world go by, unique car graphics in Luton provides you with the opportunity to put a smile on their face, make them curious, or take a second look to find out what you’re selling. How many advertising platforms offer you all that for a one of cost that will last for hundreds of attention-grabbing journeys across town?

Hypesigns Create ‘Stand-Out’ signage in Luton for Local Hotel

Car wraps in Luton

Vehicle branding for Elite Hotels

The Luton Hoo hotel – part of the Elite Hotels group – is situated just outside Luton, near to the busy London Luton airport. This luxurious brand recognised the benefits that car graphics in Luton could offer them as an innovative and eye-catching form of advertising. Working with our team of creative graphic designers, Luton Hoo hotel now has its stylish logo and distinctive colour palette displayed on vehicles used to transport residents. The unique branding of the client, allied to the professionalism of the design and car design application, communicates a powerful advertising message to drivers, passengers and pedestrians encountering it.


Car graphics in Luton Provide Excellent ROI

If you have a vehicle that you use as part of your local business in Luton, there’s an inescapable logic to optimising your car or van’s exterior by employing it to amplify your brand. Hypesigns’ friendly team can offer you advice on a design that will integrate your vehicle’s shape and dimensions in order to achieve maximum impact for your car graphics in Luton. And once you’ve made the initial investment you’re in the driving seat! You can determine the locations to target, and the frequency of your advertising. Or, alternatively, you could just go about your daily business – our car graphics in Luton will ensure that your message is being seen by potential clients – every time you get behind the wheel.

Why Choose Hypesigns for your vehicle graphics in Luton?

Whatever your business, vehicle, and customer base, we can find the fastest way to get your advertising message on the move. Our professional installers and designers will offer you invaluable advice, based on their extensive experience creating car graphics in Luton, and the final product will provide a professional and exciting showcase for your product or service. We place customer service at the heart of everything that we do, and that means that each and every one of our car livery in Luton are carefully designed to turn heads, catch eyes, and make people want to know more about what you’re offering them.

We also appreciate the fact that your business is incredibly busy and offer very fast turnaround for all installations — our experienced installers are efficient and precise

If you are considering purchasing a car graphic or require signage, contact us today on 01582 227 494 and discuss your options with our friendly consultants



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