So you have a colour scheme, some images and a logo, what next?  Usually a sign will want to convey some information, to do this you will need some words and words mean choosing fonts.

Which fonts you use for your signs, vehicle graphics or banners can be as important as the image/graphical elements.  Often overlooked, font choice can drastically change the way your sign looks and how your message comes across.

The number of fonts available today is phenomenal but today i wanted to touch specifically on how to go about using font mixing to add interest to your text.

What is Font mixing?

Font mixing or sometimes known as font pairing is the art of pairing two or more fonts together to create a pleasing combination.  By using more than one font you can add important contrast to your content.  Contrast creates interest and keeps the viewer engaged.

Try mixing a heavy weight font with a light one, or a serif with a sans serif, just be careful that your matches compliment each other and dont compete with each other!

Examples of font mixing can be seen everywhere in advertising and sign production.  To get you started we have put together a few examples of font pairings that demonstrate their effectiveness.

Try it for yourself, have fun!


font mixing image 2