Chapter 8 Kits

Chapter 8 Chevron Kits

Chapter 8 kits are required for road vehicles used in the UK that require conspicuity markings for safety

Hype Wraps is your go-to source for Chapter 8 Kits and installation services. We understand the importance of being seen on the roads, which is why our team takes extra care to ensure that every kit is installed professionally and compliant with all regulations.

How much does a Chapter 8 Kit cost?

Costs vary based on vehicle type /size and whether you require a half kit (bottom half) 3/4 Kit (everything except recessed panels where windows would go) or full kit, below is a rough quide to the cost for small, medium and large vans based on standard roof height vehicles.

Small Van

Half Kit – £165.00 plus VAT
3/4 Kit – £195.00 plus VAT
Full Kit – £235.00 plus VAT

Medium Van

Half Kit – £185.00 plus VAT
3/4 Kit – £220.00 plus VAT
Full Kit – £265.00 plus VAT

Large Van

Half Kit – £230.00 plus VAT
3/4 Kit – £265.00 plus VAT
Full Kit – £295.00 plus VAT


What level of chapter 8 does my vehicle need?

The level of Chapter 8 coverage required for your van depends on its specific use within temporary traffic management operations. Below are the three levels of Chapter 8 coverage commonly referred to:

Level 1: This level applies to vehicles that stop for work purposes on high-speed roads, including motorways and dual carriageways.

Level 1 requirements typically involve using high-visibility markings, such as reflective material, on the rear of the vehicle, and deploying traffic management measures to ensure visibility and safety.

Level 2: Level 2 applies to vehicles that operate on roads with a speed limit below 40 mph, including urban and rural roads.

In addition to the rear markings, Level 2 vehicles require reflective material on the sides, following specific chevron patterns. This enhances the visibility of the vehicle to approaching traffic from different angles.

Level 3: Level 3 is applicable to vehicles that operate on roads with a speed limit of 40 mph or less and where works pose a substantial risk to workers or road users. Level 3 requirements include rear and side high-visibility markings, additional lighting, and prominent signage. These measures ensure maximum visibility and alertness to potential hazards.

To determine the specific level of coverage your van needs, consider factors such as the speed limits of the roads where you will be operating, the nature of the works, and any specific local requirements. It’s important to consult the latest edition of the Chapter 8 guidelines or speak to us directly for advice regarding compliance.

Can my kit be fitted on site?

Onsite fitting of your chapter 8 kit is available, fitting usually takes less than an hour, ask us for a quote for onsite fitting.

How long does it take to get my kit fitted?

We can usually produce your kit the same day and fit it the following day depending on pre-scheduled work.

Is the kit removeable?

Yes your kit can be removed with no damage to your paintwork assuming good quality bodywork when applied.

How long will the kit last?

Using high-quality compliant materials you should get between 2-3 years of use from your kit.

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