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Attractive and eye-catching business signs are essential for advertising your business and making customers aware of your business locations.  Hype Signs have years of experience designing and installing business signs in Luton.  Our business signs look great, are hard-wearing and are available at a reasonable price.

Our talented team of designers and installers have created dozens of business signs in Luton for a wide variety of businesses over the years.  We work with a range of materials and use high-quality manufacturing processes so your business sign will continue to look great for many years.

Business Signs in Luton Case Study — Dalroad Norslo

Dalroad Norslo
Business Signs are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of automotive components.  Based in Luton and Established in 1993, they focus on supplying high-quality automotive connectors, industrial automation components and commercial vehicle lighting. 

When the company needed to replace their dated signage, they turned to Hype Signs.  For their sign we used a CNC machine to create flat-cut letters made from 3mm Aluminium.  This results in a very hard-wearing sign that will look great for many years to come.

Our talented installers painted the sign in the company’s colours and fixed it to a wall using stainless steel stand-off locators, which gave it a 3D look

The sign looks fantastic and the company were extremely happy with the end result.

We can create flat-cut letters from a variety of different materials including aluminium composite, aluminium, acrylic and foam board.  Hype Signs can apply a wide range of colours to our custom-cut signs from any RAL code colour.  We can either fix the sign directly to a surface or use stand-off locators to give the sign a vibrant 3D look.

Because Dalroad Norslo’s location is particularly busy through the week, we installed the signage on a Saturday to minimise customer disruption.  Our installation team is very efficient and can handle any kind of unique installation requirement your business may have.

How Business Signs are Used

Business signs are one of the best ways to promote your business and obtain new customers.  Other ways a well-placed business sign can benefit your business include:

  1. Increasing your company’s brand awareness
  2. Informing customers of your locations
  3. Advertising your special offers and products
  4. Improving your company’s sense of professionalism
  5. Increasing the visibility of your business in busy public spaces
  6. Promoting special events or competitions
  7. Directing customers around your offices
  8. Increasing awareness of your online offering

Hype signs have installed many business signs in Luton, in a huge variety of operating environments.  Some of the most common business signs we have installed include:

  1. Fascia Signs
    Fascia company signs are commonly used to help customers find your store and to indicate what your business does.  We regularly install acrylic signs and metal Fascia signs in Luton.
  2. Industrial signs
    These larger scale signs often adorn the sides of warehouses or factories.  Often constructed with hard wearing materials and illuminated with floodlights, they are a fantastic way to advertise your company to the general public.
  3. Internal/Reception Signs
    Useful for enhancing a businesses sense of professionalism and re-enforcing a company’s brand
  4. Directional Signage
    We can design signs that help staff and the general public navigate your place of business or to find your business.  They are often used to help people find their way in busy industrial environments.
  5. Illuminated signs
    We design illuminated signs — perfect for making your sign stand out in busy public spaces,
  6. Post and Panel Signs
    We can design a wide variety of different post and panel signs using different materials and finishes.  Our foam boards signs are particularly popular.
  7. Window film
    A simple, cost-effective and easy way to add a large sign to your business is through the use of window film.  Our talented designers excel in creating attractive and exciting window film designs.

We use a wide variety of materials in the construction of our company signs and specialise in creating acrylic signs, metal signs, glass signs, timber signs and foam boards signs

Our business signs can be finished using a number of different techniques to create an eye-catching sign that is sure to impress customers.  We also have a range of different lighting options available to really highlight the attractive design of your business sign.

If you are interested in discovering more about our business signs in Luton or elsewhere in Bedfordshire, please contact our friendly staff on 01582 227 494 or email:

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