Business Signs in Bedfordshire – Hypesigns Can Give Your brand a Facelift

Like that old jumper that’s full of holes that we don’t even notice any more, old business signage can often languish for months – or even years – until someone draws our attention to the fact that it’s badly in need of some tender, loving care. The minute you replace that sign though, the effect is instantaneous! All of a sudden your world looks brighter and your business is more attractive. As a popular provider of office signage in and around Bedfordshire, we’re lucky enough to see this transformation again and again in our work and it never fails to bring a smile to our faces.

Redline Group Ltd Get New Business Signs in Bedfordshire

Redline Group Ltd is a professional recruitment agency that specialises in sourcing professional, highly qualified personnel for the European Technology industry. The Redline Group has offices in Bedfordshire and they contacted Hypesigns as a leading provider of office signage in Luton. We were happy to work with this long-standing brand in creating and fitting their replacement office signage.

New Business Signs in Bedfordshire – Creating a Great Impression for Customers

Our experienced installation team reviewed Redline Group’s legacy signage and recommended the removal and replacement of the existing acrylic flat cut letters and distinctive red arc logo. In order to minimise the disruption to business, we scheduled the work over a weekend with the promise of bright new office signage come Monday morning.

  • We started out by removing the existing office office signage

  • The legacy acrylic flat cut letters were removed

  • Replacement 10mm clear acrylic letters were carefully replaced

  • The sign was restored to its original position ready for business on Monday morning

Business Signs in Bedfordshire – Working With Our Clients to Create Their Vision

business signs in bedfordshire

As a leading sign maker in Luton, much of the work we undertake requires technical skill, precision and creativity to ensure the provision of our quality office signage. Our design and installation team recognise that the business signs they provide is the face of the business our clients are promoting and so it has to create an immediate and lasting impression in a bustling commercial environment.

We will always take the time to listen to our customers’ needs and offer advice on the best way to achieve the best brand image possible.

If you are considering purchasing office or business signs in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas, contact us today on 01582 227 494 to discuss your options with our friendly staff!

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